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 Meet Leyshla Mauro



Hi!!! I'm Leyshla Mauro mom of twins ,Valentina Zoe and Lucas Liam. I'm half Argentinian, Irish and Puertorrican; yep..huge mix!  I can say that I love so many things , but coffee is the most. Obsessed with beauty products, the mix of gold and silver jewelry "the chunky the better" , red lips, shells and bags. 

You can see me wearing a basic t-shirt, sneakers and jeans and the next day a super cool loungewear outfit with sneakers as well.

My Therapy? Watching movies with my kids, working out with the girls, a good day at the beach with my boyfriend and my job.

Editor and Fashion stylist for Imagen Magazine. Owner and Designer of Studs and Crowns Design.

*Degrees in Communications and Fashion Merchandising from Miami International University of Art and Design. 


Meet Alejandra Soto



Hi! My name is Alejandra Soto, a mom of one – Cata. I’m an interior consultant and fitness junkie since I can remember.

I’m the owner/designer of the little corner studio and currently working at Basico Home. In the past I had an interior consulting section on ABC Primetime, so much fun! But, did I mention fitness junkie … Yes! I have tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle while living life…because in the middle of our careers, motherhood and all our responsibilities we to make time and take care of ourselves. For me that means maintaining an active lifestyle, going to the gym and eating healthy. It makes my feel good and helps me stay on a positive vibe plus, it doesn’t hurt that helps you look good. It’s  a lifestyle not a job… I don’t diet I just try to eat healthy nutritious meals with pizza and French fries on the side. I’m not a personal Trainer (working on it) and even less a nutritionist. I’m just here to share my do’s, don’t’s and maybes jajaja!

On my blog I will share tips, ideas and what has worked for me that will maybe work for you. I’ll try to make it fun along the way.