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Meet Monica Ponce





Describe yourself in 3 words  

Determined, transparent and human. "What you see is what you get"


Describe a day in your life?

All my days are dynamic, I always say that I live in an "organized chaos" of everything I can achieve in a day...And when I don't have anything I look for a way to fill the agenda. But I always try to: 1. Do something for me (exercise, education and / or recreational) 2. Be productive doing the most I can in the day. 3. Have at least 1 hour of quality time with my family.


Tell me about your kids 

I have one daughter her name is Elena...I can say that she is the best of me. She is only 4 years, but she can concur the world if she needs to. She is Strong, curious, creative and super energetic! enough to keep me very occupied every day. 



Currently I am working on a family project after working 10 years in a Multi National Company. Very challenging but exited about what is yet to come.


What’s your greatest accomplishment in life? 

My family and my career, to be able to handle both at the same time and succeed. Never easy!!!


Your favorite beauty product is? 

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Mascara, Maybelline Matte Ink Lipstick and Kielhls Hydro Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum


Never leave home without it ...

I never leave home without my: watch


Frustrated talent? 

I have three: Home Decor, Fashion Design and  Singing! 


Favorite designer?

Chanel, I love her story and everything that she implemented in fashion


What’s your go to look style?

PJ’s!!! but when I have to leave home Pants and a button down shirt.


What's your Fashion Icon?

I have a few: Queen Rania, JLo and Olivia Palermo


Favorite spot in Puerto Rico?



Are you a sport fan?

Not really, I’m the kind of person that only watch the finals...


Any workout routine?

I like to change a lot, but right now I'm into Pilates


What do you love the most of being a mom?

That every day I want to be the best of me for her.


Being Healthy for you is?

Eat right, keep moving and respect your body


Season to watch?



Your 2018 goals?

Do more exercise, travel to someplace new, start dancing again and to challenge myself with a new professional endeavor



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